SIPI ECE Project Staff & Contributors

Dr. Danielle Lansing, Project Director

Danielle Lansing is a faculty member in SIPI’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program. She has worked at SIPI since June 2012.

Danielle has served as an educator for 15 years. She has spent the majority of her career teaching in BIE and tribal contract schools in New Mexico and Arizona with various tribes such as the Navajo Nation, Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community and the Pueblo of T’siya.

Danielle has a BS in Elementary Education and an MA in Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico. Additionally, Danielle received an Ed. M in Early Childhood Risk and Prevention from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.

In 2011 Danielle received a Doctorate in Education from Arizona State University where she studied Educational Administration and Supervision. Her dissertation study focused on the impact of past educational experiences on educational decision making within a rural Navajo community.

Danielle is currently the project director for SIPI's Early Childhood Initiatives. In this capacity she has developed research initiatives that seek to create innovative practices in SIPI’s ECE program.

Vibeka Mitchell, YDI Head Start Teacher

Vibeka Mitchell is a Head Start Teacher at the Youth Development Incorporated Head Start located on SIPI campus. Mrs. Mitchell came to the center the year it opened in January of 2010. She received a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies from the University of New Mexico in 2005. Mrs. Mitchell is a wonderful teacher who serves as a mentor for SIPI practicum students. Her excellent teaching skills have brought many visitors to observe her talents in implementing the Tools of the Mind curriculum. Mrs. Mitchell collaborates with the project director to infuse language and culture into the Head Start curriculum.

Project Interns

SIPI develops the capacity of future early childhood educators by supporting student and parent interns who implement project activities. Crystal Barney (Parent, SIPI ECE student) and Gertrude Lomahaptewa (SIPI ECE student) serve as interns for the project. They are developing their capacity to engage Native families at the SIPI YDI center. This provides them with the practical skills to engage families in the future.